Server down

Don't panic. Follow these steps:

Note for developers: make sure you are not using your hosts file and that your are talking to our servers.

  1. Visit and
    These sites are at different locations, if one is down the other will work.

    On this NOC page the most recent status of your server is listed (by servername), if the status is continue 200, everything is ok and the server is online.
    If the status is NOT 200? We already had an email and SMS and are current working on solving your problem, you don't need to take any action .

  2. Is the status 200 but you can't do anything still?
    Visit: and fill in your site.
    Does it say that there are problems? then go to step 3

  3. Go to or mail to
    Mention at least the following:
    Your domainname, your public IP address ( at ), and steps already taken.

    Attention without your public IP we cannot help you!

    INFO: we cannot help you with your internal IP..

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