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E-mails, which are sent from your WordPress PHP installation, have a comparable header as youraccount@serverhostname.com. Some e-mailsoftwares will show this sender instead of contact@yourwebsite.com.

Why is this like that?

This is a measure to identify spamruns, without this measure everybody would be capable of sending e-mails from a domain, which he/she does not own.

What to do against it?

On WordPress.org you can find plugins which turn off the mail() function in PHP and use the server itself to e-mail. Use the plugin Easy WP SMTP. You can mail from a mailbox (using the POP protocol), but also using external SMTP services like Mandrill.

Login if you mail through us:
servername: localhost (do not put smtp. before it)
username: e-mailaddress
password: speaks for itself

Attention: the username (e-mail) must be the same as the e-mail you have registered at site settings under general (in WP admin). If you can't find it, you have to change the functions file, by changing/adding the following:

function mp_from_email( $email ) {
return 'YOUR_EMAIL@uwdomein.nl';
} // end example_from_email
add_filter( 'wp_mail_from', 'mpe_from_email' );

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